Affirming our men today- Use your power for Good Not Evil !!

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Fault/Bug Affirming our men today- Use your power for Good Not Evil !!

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We serve a mighty God and I am filled with joy at this time, not because things are going smoothly in my life, but because I know the end result- The one true God has already God won the victory , he has won the victory
I recommend Christ Jesus to you today !

Special feature for men, given that father’s day is on Sunday June 19

Indeed, whenever humans, in open defiance of God, want to “ ‘make a name’ ” for themselves, we can be sure it won’t turn out well. It never has."

Do you feel you have messed up?
You are accepted as you are
When you come to the table of your heavenly father, you are welcomed with open arms !!
How comforting, warm and merciful is that !

This is an excerpt, not my own words !

1. A VIRTUOUS MAN IS A GODLY MAN: with the likes of David, Joseph, job and Paul, they were all godly in their ways. A godly man confesses with his tongue that Jesus is the savior and that Jesus is the son of God. A godly man wholeheartedly admits he is nothing without Jesus. He believes that Jesus was raised from the dead so we might be saved (romans 10:9). with this we tend to receive the holy spirit which separates him from the world(I Corinthians 2:12)
2. INTEGRITY: faithfulness to moral principles and honesty is what integrity entails. integrity involves giving your word and keeping it (exodus 8:28-32). It is highly important we acknowledge that honesty keeps a relationship with God, friends and family going. proverbs 20:6-7 says "who can find a faithful man? the just man walks in his integrity...". even when David committed adultery, he still acknowledge integrity(2Samuel 12:1-2)
3. MAN OF FAITH: A virtuous man will always be patient enough and wait on God. A man of faith always enjoys rewards from God. God appreciates those who will stand by him. The bible made us to understand that whosoever has faith in him will be blessed, inherit the earth, be saved, renew his strength and receive the glorious things God had provided. job went through many trials and tribulations but still kept his faith in God.(job 19:23-29)

4. LEADERSHIP: Ephesians 5:23-24 describes the man as the leader of his household. A virtuous man takes the steps of Jesus(leader of the church) and be the spiritual leader of his household. He also avoids overdoing the leadership role by not ordering his wife around and engaging in domestic violence. For genesis 2-21-24 reveals to us that she was made from the side of his rib and not from the bottom. A good leader respects his wife.

5. HE LIVES A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE: A virtuous man knows why he was created because he had sorted for his purpose of living from his creator(God).He knows he was created and chosen to be more than your faults.

CONCLUSION: Finally, I'll like to say if any man feels bad about not being an equal to the "PROVERBS 32" man, then he should stop it and feel obliged to try harder and be an ideal man God seeks.


Find comfort and strength in the fact that When you come to the table of your heavenly father, you are welcomed with open arms !!
You are accepted !

Psalm 32- King James Version


Although people over 60 may look healthy, the performance of reactions and chemical functions can damage their entire body.

So here are two alerts:

1) Get into the habit of drinking liquids. Liquids include water, juices, teas, coconut water, milk, soups, and water-rich fruits, such as watermelon, melon, peaches and pineapple; Orange and tangerine also work.

The important thing is that, every two hours, you must drink some liquid.

Remember this!

2) Alert for family members: constantly offer fluids to people over 60. At the same time, observe them.

If you realize that they are rejecting liquids and, from one day to the next, they are irritable, breathless or display a lack of attention, these are almost certainly recurrent symptoms of dehydration.

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