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WinWellness - NEW YOU

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Personal Reflections
1. Do you see yourself as valuable? God does. What do you want Him to do for you so that you can be all you can be? Tell him what it is. Ask Him for a spiritual-makeover.
2. What can you do today to begin making positive lifestyle choices? Now become intentional and take action. For instance, what are present dreams or goals?

HANDOUT Partnership with God
1. The life of Jesus is the Pattern for our life. As we follow His example we are changed to a “New Person” which may be a total U Turn. Miracle changes will take place in our New Journey for Life.
2. When we follow Christ, we are not always free from conflict. There are battles to fight. We are in a spiritual warfare between good and evil.
3. God give us abilities to do great things for Him and for others. He improves our gifts and skills and helps us to keep improving in all aspects of life.
4. To be all we want to be takes self-denial and self-sacrifice but it is worth it.
5. Go out in nature in fresh air away from other people and ask God to guide you to a new better, healthier and happier life—to a new you experience. Have two-way communication. You two can set goals. He will give you desires in your heart.
6. As you start or continue your spiritual journey take time for God daily. Ask Him to show you what your potential is. Don’t let it frighten you.
7. Don’t settle for living a mediocre life - you are a masterpiece created by a most famous Artist. Plan to bring some excitement into your life. Don’t expect others to do it for you.
8. Take time to recharge your battery, take care of the things you are tolerating.
9. Take moments in time for personal growth and self-care. Caring for others is important but just as important is self-care. Choose today, every day, to improve your health.
10. Find informative books that teach healthful living & good relationships. Take time to read and digest the important parts, apply the information and be intentional about making a change. TAKE ACTION.
11. Positive activities for you to consider in your new experience:
Join a health club or a gym, take morning or evening walks, go birding, do good for someone you know or don’t know since the act is health producing, take time to bring joy to the family, drink 6-8 glasses (8 oz.) of water daily so you can think better and live longer, eat your fruits and veg, get your Vitamin D outdoors from the sun, do something that you have never done before, stretch your mind, get out of your comfort zone, find a prayer partner with whom you can pray, be positive—negativity is bad for your emotional and physical health.
12. Invest time for daily spiritual growth. A good way is to start reading the Bible like in the Psalms then Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Add to this, daily prayer.
13. Remember your life is significant and you are part of God’s eternal plan. You have a pivotal role to play in history.
14. Live the way you want your children to be. Pass it on to the next generation.
15. Remember God energises your body and mind to make dreams a reality and provides resources for reaching dream goals.
16. Go back to the essentials.
John and Millie Youngberg

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