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Dear God
Thank you for Christmas time and for all the good things you have given to me.
Thank you for my friends and family and those who care for me.
Thank you for your great love in sending your Son, Jesus, to be born into the world.
I am sorry that I have turned away from you and pushed you from your rightful place in my life.
Thank you that Jesus came and died so that I can be forgiven. Thank you that he rose again so that I can receive new life.
Help me to trust in Jesus and His death on the cross as the only way by which I can be right with you;
Please forgive me, and help me to grow and learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus. AMEN.

If you have prayed this prayer and meant it, you can be sure that God has answered it.
Be sure to continue with these four things:
1. Relax: Becoming a Christian is about receiving God's gift to you. Growing as a Christian goes along in the same way. Enjoy being able to talk to God as your Father. Relax in his presence as someone who has been forgiven and accepted through Jesus.
2. Relate: Talk to another Christian about the fact that you want to grow in your understanding of Jesus. They will help you. The church would be a good place to start to make friends with others who have found forgiveness and a new relationship with God.
3. Reflect: Continue to find out more about what it means to be a genuine Christian. Read one of the biographies of Jesus in the Bible. Luke’s Gospel is a good place to start. It may raise more questions for you at first, but ask God to help you understand more about what it means to follow Jesus, and he will answer your prayer.
4. Go on receiving: God has so much more to give you as you follow Jesus day by day. He will help you understand more. He will help you change. He will help you to grow in your relationship with him as you pray, listen to his word, and meet with other Christians. Continue to open up your life to the heavenly Father, who loves you, and gave his Son for you.

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