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WinWellness - Breath of Life - AIR

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2023 2:59 pm
by PAHaworth
What can we do in our community and in our home to ensure the quality of the air?
1. What steps could I take to keep respiratory health or prevent respiratory disease?
2. Do I have toxic cleaning substances that I need to be cautious with when using? How?
3. Do I have family or neighbours who have respiratory problems like asthma? Think of their situation and what could be done to give them a more normal life.
4. One author states “Prayer is the breath of the soul.” Think of a time when you felt revived and invigorated by prayer.
5. What can I do to increase my spiritual breathing capacity?

• Avoid cancer risk by caution with pesticides and herbicides. Use a mask.
• Do deep breathing exercises 1-3 times daily out-of-doors in fresh air.
• Do one deep breathing exercise before breakfast
- Take a deep breath from diaphragm, hold 10 seconds, and slowly exhale through pursed lips. Repeat 20 times. (Caution—don’t hyperventilate)
- Why? Removes toxins, helps circulation, fresh oxygen to brain so you can think better, wakes you up.
• Keep window open to breathe fresh air while sleeping, even on cold winter nights.
• Bring fresh air into bedroom during the day. Oxygen can kill germs.
• Avoid breathing second-hand smoke from tobacco. The smoke is a carcinogen.
• Protect yourself from fumes such as cleaning solutions, paint removers, insect prays, herbicides & pesticides.
• Guard against dampness and mould in your living space.
• Go camping, climb mountains, and walk in the woods to get fresh clean air. Take the children or grandchildren with you.
• Breathe into your soul the Holy Spirit - this will do for your spirituality what physical air does for your body. You will feel awakened and revived.