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WinWellness - Commitment - Close Emotional Ties

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2023 3:46 pm
by PAHaworth

Here is some homework you may like to engage in –
1. If married, how do you go about meeting each other’s emotional needs as a couple?
2. What do you appreciate about your husband/wife? Make a list separately and share on a romantic evening.
3. If single, what kinds of relationship activities can you be involved in that will enrich your life and the lives of others? Keep praying for the right companion.

Marriage Commitment Suggestions
1. As couples share the following:
a. I was attracted to my spouse by ______
b. I remember our first date; we…
or Before marriage we had fun…
c. What made our wedding special was…
d. Our honeymoon was fun. I recall we…
e. One of the happiest experiences we’ve shared was when…
2. Face each other and personally respond to this question,
“What are 3 of your spouse’s expectations now?
Husband respond to the question first, then follow with the wife’s response.
3. Read from the New Testament in your Bible 1 Corinthians 13 and silently read and underline what impresses you most or what God is saying to you.
4. On a piece of paper each of you rank the following priorities as they actually are in your marriage and then what you think your priorities should be. Then discuss the following question: Are we satisfied with our current priorities?
- Discuss the importance of having a meaningful family worship experiences and daily personal devotional time with God.
- What are your “Husband and Wife Roles in the home”. Now discuss if some changes should be made so the home responsibilities could be improved.
- Read Ephesians 2:12-16 Talk about what are some general hostilities and resentments that couples often have that build walls between husband and wife. Pray about these things:
a. Thank God for your marriage and the blessings_____
b. Forgive me or us for our sins and ______
c. Ask God to remove any hurt, bitterness, anger, resentment that may be building a wall between husband and wife or others.
d. Then pray for the need of each person.
5. Love Building Ways — what are ways?
1. List ways of building love.
2. Share what makes you feel loved.
3. What makes my partner feel loved?
6. Write a list of 10+ things you appreciate about your husband/wife. When finished share your list - wife share her first appreciation point and then husband sharing his first appreciation point and so forth.
7. In closing share the following PACT together.
(PACT is an acronym).
Keep the PACT.
Pray together daily
Affirm each other often
Communicate effectively
Thank the Lord joyfully for marriage.